From Done to Dare

From Done to Dare is a podcast about mindset and transition. We all come to a point in our lives where we wonder if we should continue on the path we've been on or dare to do something new.The first season was released in 2020 in English.

The next season will be released in 2021 with German-speaking guests.

Direkt zu spotify

Mindset and change.

From Done To Dare is a podcast that focuses on topics including mindset and changing life circumstances. What sets our podcast apart from most others is that we produce a compact version with key lessons from a conversation with our guests that lasts about an hour. We want to inspire you with our guests' experiences and encourage you to step out of your comfort zone with courage in situations where uncertainty weighs on your mind. Life has so much to offer, but often fear of the unknown is a driving force that holds us back from breaking new ground.

Our guests

From Done to Dare will initially launch as an English podcast with 10 episodes, a German version is also planned for 2021.

  • #1
    Steve Nash Former NBA Player
  • #2
    Prime Hall Former Marine Raider
  • #3
    Jill Taylor Neuroanatomist & Author
  • #4
    Magnus Lygdback Hollywoods Personal Trainer
  • #5
    Guy East Hope Sports
  • #6
    Deidre Pujols Pujols Family Foundation
  • #7
    Dr. Ben Houltberg Performance Scientist
  • #8
    Dr. Ashley Null Olympic Chaplain